5 Great Reasons You Should Clean Your Gutter This Winter

Ice on the roof and gutterIn the winter, time seems to stand still. The growth of plants slows, animals are in hibernation, and you often get stuck at home because of the heavy snow outside. But, while it’s nice to stay inside the house for warmth, at some point you might have to consider venturing outside and cleaning your gutter.

According to the Property Claims Services, the winter weather resulted in about $30 billion insured catastrophe losses from 1996 to 2015. That’s about $1.5 billion every year. from 1996 to 2015. That’s about $1.5 billion every year. Whether your home is insured against winter weather or not, it’s better that you prevent the damages that winter can bring to your home, more specifically, to your gutters.

Why Should You Clean Your Gutter This Winter?

After your initial rain gutter installation, you may think that your gutters are good to go. Unfortunately, various forms of debris can get trapped inside them, in spite of gutter covers. For this reason alone, you need to check out and clean your rain gutters regularly. With winter weather in the mix, though, your gutters face much more strain.

Here’s exactly why winter is the best time to clean your gutter:

1. To keep your gutters intact