Finding the Right Contractor After a Major Storm: A Handy Guide

Storms are incredibly destructive. Hailstorms, for instance, produce lumps of ice that can damage various parts of a house, including the roof, window, and siding. Severe windstorms, on the other hand, can hurl debris that may hit and destroy a home’s exterior.

If your home has sustained damage following a hailstorm or a windstorm, you’ll likely need a contractor that can effectively restore the appearance and structure of your property. When doing so, however, you need to choose a reputable and established contractor to avoid falling prey to scams.

Here are suggestions to take note of when searching for and selecting a contractor following a devastating storm:

Steer Clear of Door-to-Door Offers

After a major storm, you may come across home improvement company representatives knocking at your door and claiming that they have leftover roofing, siding, or gutter materials from a previous repair job. They’re likely unscrupulous individuals who want to con you and other disaster-stricken homeowners into hiring them. They could charge exorbitant rates without you knowing it, or use subpar materials to repair your house.  If a worker shows up at your property, declares that it’s unsafe for living, and provides you with a repair offer, politely decline.

Obtain Reliable Referrals

Begin by getting referrals from trusted friends and family members. Alternatively, check with your community for recommendations. Since you’ll have people working in your home for weeks (or possibly months depending on the extent of the damage), you want a contractor you can trust completely.

Check the Contractor’s Work Samples

Apart from getting references, you should obtain a portfolio of your preferred contractors. Checking out the gallery of finished projects, for instance, enables you to determine the quality of their work. Stay away from providers that are all talk and have nothing concrete to show.

Worker fixing the seamless gutter

Verify if the Contractor Carries the Necessary Licenses and Insurance

If you have a few contractors in mind, check their licenses and proofs of insurance. You can usually find this information on their website. Alternatively, look these details up by going to your state or city’s government website.  If the contractor you hire isn’t licensed or insured, you could be liable for any problems, such as repair-related injuries and property damage. By getting an insured and licensed contractor, you’re hiring someone knowledgeable with the building codes and processes.  

Choose a Contractor that Communicates Effectively

Major home repair projects, such as siding repairs and window replacements, may take a considerable amount of time to complete. The contractor that you want to hire should be effective in keeping you up to date on the developments of the job. The last thing you should hear from your service provider is silence. ;

Ask for a Contract

Before your contractor gets to work on repairing your house, make sure that the company draws up a contract detailing important information, including expenses, target start and completion date, and items for installation. This allows both parties to be on the same page.

It will also help if the contract states that the contractor will be the one to take care of your insurance claims. Letting them take care of the process will save you time and trouble with your insurance provider.  

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