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LeafLock Gutter Protection System

Gutter Covers

LeafLock Gutter Protection System

Installations of Gutter covers  in St. Paul Mn year round.

We offer the best gutter guard system on the market to our customers.

His crew of professional seamless gutter installers has helped many homeowners and businesses enjoy hassle-free, maintenance-free, and worry-free seamless gutter and gutter cover systems for St. Paul, MN Minneapolis MN and the surrounding areas, also including Southeastern Minnesota and Western Wisconsin.

Gutter covers and Gutter Protection comes in many types and different styles, Covers, helmets, screen protection. How can you tell what gutter protection is the best for you and your home.

Heat Tape Inside LeafLock

Heat Tape Installed inside LeafLock Gutter Protection System

What you want to  look for in a Great Gutter Cover Protection System

  • Durability
  • Brackets
  • Design
  • Installation
  • Warranty

Durability—- Make sure the gutter covers or gutter protection system are  built with long lasting material strong enough to hold up to ice and Snow slide.

Brackets— All Gutter cover and protection systems brackets should be strong enough to hold the weight of  heavy snow, ice and rain  through the years.

Design– The design of the gutter cove and gutter protection system is key to make sure the gutters stay free flowing and clear from all debris and build up that can cause problems over the years

Installation– Make sure the crews that you hire are fully licensed and trained professionals so the job is done right, and the gutter covers are installed correctly.


There is nothing even close when comparing the patented LeafLock 1/8 in. extruded hanger and bracket that reinforces your existing gutters to make them stronger than ever before! The LeafLock panel can be installed under the second course or under the first course. With EITHER APPLICATION there is NO ROOF PENETRATION! The panels remain free floating, which eliminates all buckling issues. This system will work on any roof and is backed by a lifetime transferable warranty.