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Secure Your Gutter Year-Round with LeafLock Roof Gutter Protection

Living under the stately shade of tall Midwest trees looks and feels great! However, when Spring and Fall arrive, those same trees can become a menace to your gutters. Left alone, your gutters will clog with leaves, seeds, mulch and debris, resulting in rain water overflow and potential damage to your business/home. You either need to be on a ladder several times a year or you need something keep those leaves out of your gutters!

We strongly recommend a gutter protection system that protects you, your home and your gutters. Consider LeafLock Gutter Protection System™ in Wisconsin and Minnesota!

LEAFLOCK to the rescue

Bruce Andrews Seamless Gutters & Roofing is the Authorized Professional Dealer for “The LeafLock Gutter Protection System™“.

LeafLock is an aluminum hood gutter protection system that keeps leaves, pine needles, and debris out of your gutters, keeps you off of ladders, and helps protect your home from water damage.

LeafLock’s exclusive patented self-supporting hanger and bracket system is the sturdiest bracket on the market, made of 1/8” thick extruded aluminum. LeafLock’s heavier multi-patented panel design, low profile, best available Kynar paint finish, and the industry’s most comprehensive warranty make LeafLock™ one of the best gutter protection systems available today and an excellent solution for your home/business. LeafLock™ works!

What LeafLock Looks Like

LeafLock™ is an aluminum hood panel that comes in 10 colors to blend with your existing shingles, shake, or steel roof. The panel fits on top of your gutter with a curved nose which can be seen from the ground and adds a classic finished look to your new or existing gutters. On shingled roofs, the rear of the panel gently slides underneath your first row of shingles (on most flat fascias), or your second row of shingles (on most angled fascias). Panels are attached to brackets which are attached to your gutters. No screws or nails are added to your roof to hold the panels in place.
How LeafLock Works

Using LeafLock’s coveted curved “nose forward” design, rain water simply washes leaves, pine needles, and debris off the LeafLock panel to the ground.  Since water wants to follow a surface, the water then curls around the nose and into the gutter. The leaves are on the ground; the water runs freely to your downspout.

LeafLock on Existing Gutters… yes!!

Installing LeafLock on existing gutters is a win-win proposition. Not only does it keep out leaves and debris but it also reinforces your existing gutters and reduces the chance of gutter detachment from your home or business. Installed most commonly under the first course of shingles, there is no roof penetration, and the panels remain secured to the sturdy LeafLock bracket.


LeafLock Maintenance…no more ladder climbing!

There is no such thing as a maintenance-free gutter or gutter cover. Most metal gutter protection covers sit flat on the gutters creating a shelf that needs to be periodically cleaned from a ladder. LeafLock gutter protection in Wisconsin and Minnesota is different.

Designed so that maintenance can be done from the ground, LeafLock needs only a garden hose with a strong spray nozzle or a pressure washer to “spray the gap”, the underside of the LeafLock nose to keep it from getting dirty. This should be done a few times each summer to proactively keep the nose clean. Without dust and debris buildup, the surface tension around the nose remains consistent and the water will flow easily into the gutter. No more ladder cleaning for you!!

LeafLock’s Lifetime Transferable Triple Warranty
  1. Your LeafLock panels and brackets will be free of defects and keep your gutters free flowing for the life of your home. 
  2. The Kynar Paint finish will not peel, flake, chip, blister, or crack and will resist fading and corrosive air pollution for the life of your home. 
  3. If your LeafLock Performance does not seem to be working properly, or your gutter seems plugged, WE will address the issue free of charge!
LeafLock and Winter

All gutter leaf protection systems work best in the summer! However, winter comes! LeafLock™ is designed to withstand the heavy snow and ice buildup of the Midwest. However, as with all gutter covers, when temps are below freezing, sun-melted roof snow can form a thin coat of ice which hinders the ability of water to enter the gutter. If your roof has significant heat loss, or the roof temp is above freezing when the LeafLock nose is still below freezing, small icicles may form. These can be carefully knocked off until the sun warms it up. Ask us about installing heat tape in areas where needed.

The SnapLock™ Advantage

SnapLock is our optional premier new gutter mounting method that strengthens your gutter install and eliminates potential leakage through the bracket screw holes. Utilizing a proprietary bracket that is crimped to the back of your gutter instead of the standard hidden brackets which are screwed through the back of your gutter, the SnapLock upgrade is applicable on most buildings and especially well-suited for longer gutter runs that expand and contract in length with the weather. Paired with LeafLock gutter covers, your new gutter system will perform and look great as long as you own your home!

The Total Package

With SnapLock, new gutters, and LeafLock you have the Total Package. Your new gutters are attached with no holes in the back. Leaves are unable to enter and clog your gutters. Rainwaters are redirected to your downspouts and your business/home is protected from wood rot or water damage. Add to that the Lifetime Transferable Triple Warranty and you have a winning combination. Remember, if your LeafLock covered gutter ever plugs, we will clean it for nothing!

With all these advantages, LeafLock™ is your best choice on the market today!


Bruce Andrews Seamless Gutters & Roofing installation teams are trained for an efficient and effective installation of the LeafLock Leaf Gutter Protection System. We stand behind our LeafLock installs with a Lifetime performance warranty and a Promise your LeafLock Gutter Protection will function to its peak capacity. Enjoy a lifetime of freedom from ladders and gutter worry! Trust the Bruce Andrews team to install the durable, proven, LeafLock Gutter Protection System on your home.

Request a free quote or give us a call at (877) 594-7449 today to get your LeafLock gutter protection in Wisconsin and Minnesota!

LeafLock Gutter Protection FAQ

How do I know if LeafLock gutter protection is suitable for my home?

LeafLock is ideal for homes surrounded by trees or in areas prone to heavy rainfall. Our team can provide a thorough assessment to determine if it’s the best solution for your gutter problems.

Will LeafLock handle heavy rainfalls effectively?

Yes, LeafLock gutter protection is designed to manage heavy rainfalls efficiently by allowing water to flow freely while keeping debris out. This ensures that your gutters function optimally even during severe weather conditions.

Can LeafLock be installed on existing gutters?

Absolutely. LeafLock gutter protection can be retrofitted to most existing gutters without requiring a complete gutter replacement. Our installation team here at Bruce Andrews Seamless Gutters & Roofing will ensure a perfect fit.

How long does the installation process take?

The installation time for LeafLock gutter protection depends on the size of your home and the condition of your existing gutters. Typically, installations are completed within one day.

Does LeafLock come with a warranty?

Yes, LeafLock gutter protection has a robust warranty covering both the materials and the installation. We stand behind our products and services to ensure your satisfaction.

How do I maintain my LeafLock Gutter Protection System™?

LeafLock is designed to be low-maintenance. We recommend occasional inspections to ensure everything is working correctly, but generally, the system requires minimal upkeep.

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