Living Green with New Metal Roofing

Ice on the roof and gutter

The effects of climate change are evident in our everyday lives as average temperatures in different states reach extreme levels. Here in Wisconsin, temperatures climbed to over 100 degrees Fahrenheit last 2018 Memorial Day weekend and set a 107-day long record of unprecedented warm temperatures peaking at 70 degrees or higher.

The higher temperatures are taking its toll on homeowners. With space cooling accounting for around 15 percent of your total electricity consumption, higher temperatures can only mean higher bills in the future. As climate change worsens and temperatures reach unprecedented highs, it will be hard to escape surging electricity bills in the summer.

One way you can lower your energy consumption is to switch to a more energy-efficient roofing system. Bruce Andrews Seamless Gutters offers quality metal roof installation and repair to help you live more comfortably and manage your household expenses.

Optimize Energy Efficiency

The roof is the part of your house that receives the most heat and energy. With a traditional energy-absorbing asphalt roof, heat will be trapped in your attic, raising your home’s overall temperature. This makes your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system work overtime.

On the other hand, the reflective surface of metal roofs means more heat from the sun bounces off, which helps you save up to 40 percent in cooling costs. They’re useful during the winter, too. While it helps reflect heat during warmer months, metal roofing improves your insulation and heating during the colder months.

Double the Effect

You also have the option to further raise the effects of your metal roof while maintaining your desired house aesthetics thanks to special treatments. Cool roof coatings have special inorganic and reflective pigments that boost its heat and solar reflection.

Moreover, the color of the coatings doesn’t affect it’s the efficiency of its cooling benefits. So, you can paint your roof in darker colors without worrying about bringing down its reflection rate and your energy savings. These coatings also offer additional protection from ultraviolet light, increased water-resistance, and better roof durability.

The Greenest Roofing on the Market

Metal roofs have another advantage over asphalt roof shingles and fiber cement shingles — their life span. Cool metal roofing will last your home anywhere between 30 and 50 years. These types of roofs don’t require as much maintenance as long as it’s made properly and treated with special coatings.

Meanwhile, the life of an asphalt roof only lasts around half of that (between 20 and 25 years). Aside from saving money on replacement costs, you’ll also be saving the environment from roofing material waste.

Additionally, metal roofs are 100 percent recyclable. In fact, many metal roofs today are manufactured using 25 to 98 percent recycled waste. There’s also almost no limit to how many times you can recycle them.

The True Value of a Metal Roof

All the advantages metal roofings offer are reflected in its up-front costs, which are understandably higher than traditional roofing. Still, metal roofs are an investment for your future. The higher initial cost pays off in the after a few years. Thanks to cool metal roofs, you’ll see a notable reduction in your energy costs and roof repairs.

One thing you need to make sure, though, is to have a reliable and highly skilled team install your new metal roof. Bruce Andrews Seamless Gutters is here for all your roofing needs. We use high-quality roofing materials and ensure correct roof installation. Contact us today to get maximize your energy savings.