Pest 101: The Critters that Get into Your Gutters

When it comes to your gutters, leaves aren’t the only problem. If left unchecked and neglected, the dead leaves, pine needles, dirt and other debris that collect in your gutters attract bigger pests, and with them come bigger problems. Get to know the different critters that could get into your home’s gutters.


Once your gutters are blocked by leaves, twigs and similar debris, these will hold water when the next rain comes. Even if the standing water doesn’t do significant damage, it offers a perfect mosquito breeding ground. These bugs may pose a minor annoyance, but these days, you should take mosquito infestations more seriously as they were found to carry the dreaded Zika virus in 2017.

While there aren’t any new Zika cases this year, there’s been an alarming rise of West Nile Virus cases from mosquito infestations.


Gutters that aren’t cleared of leaves and other debris attract birds. Piles of leaves and twigs are the preferred nesting material for birds, and they will do exactly that.

Birds don’t really pose a danger to you or your family, but their acidic droppings can slowly corrode metal gutters. When birds nest in your gutters, get them out ASAP. Should you allow them to take up residence, and they spawn any young, you can count on a new generation of birds to instinctively return to the safety of their gutter-home. We’ll also list another problem that comes with birds in a moment.


It’s possible that bees will take up residence in your gutters. Bees will always seek out any shelter that will protect them from the elements and conceal them from predators. If there aren’t any birds that have claimed your gutters, bees are one of the next likely candidates.

Bees can be dangerous, especially if you have family members who are allergic to bee stings. Should any bees inhabit your gutters, don’t attempt to remove them yourself as there are legalities you may not be aware of regarding this. Consult a pest control expert.


Pests that shack up in dirty gutters aren’t only of the feathered sort, but also the furry kind. Like birds, squirrels make nests in piles of leaves in your gutters. Their constant scurrying about can cause serious damage to your gutters and roof over time.


house gutter

Another problematic pest that can take up residence in your gutters is rats. These rodents will take to your debris-clogged gutter as it can provide them with shelter and warmth. Rats also enjoy the bonus of being close to your home and will get inside eventually to look for food.


What do the presence of birds, squirrels, rats and other gutter pests attract? Snakes. You know you’ve neglected your gutter debris problem for too long when more pests move in, and snakes enter the picture.

Keeping your gutters clear and free of fallen leaves, stray pine cones or any other debris is a task you should never put off for very long. It only takes a few leaves to clog your gutters and you’ll soon have a domino effect of pests.

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