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Rain Gutters

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Rain Gutter Installation, Repair, And Cleaning in Wisconsin and Minnesota

Rain gutters are your first line of defense in protecting the structural integrity of your home/business by directing rain water away from the walls, entries, and foundations. Keeping these eavestroughs properly maintained and clean of leaf debris helps ensure that even in heavy rains, your gutter system will work properly. Bruce Andrews Seamless Gutters & Roofing provides both 5” and 6” K-style and half-round gutters, as well as gutter covers to bring solutions to your business/home’s water challenges.

Rain gutter installation in WI and MN

When you replace your old gutters with a quality seamless rain gutter, you will enjoy these benefits!

  • No Leaky Seams – Seamless gutters have joints only at the corners and fit snugly behind your roof’s drip edge. No more annoying and potentially dangerous drips!
  • Custom Designed Fit – Our gutter installation team custom cuts and tests your new seamless rain gutter system to make certain it both fits and drains properly per your custom design.
  • Less Likelihood of Clogging – Seamless gutters lack seams and ridges where small debris and needles tend to get stuck. Tiny, buoyant solids simply slide with the rainwater into the downspout.
  • Long-Lasting Protection – Our high-quality product helps prevent rainwater from damaging your fascia, soffit, interior, foundation, and landscaping.
  • Finished Beauty – In addition to protecting your home, our gutter system comes in over 25 colors and blends well with your property providing a sculpted, finished look to your home. Your gutters will look great for years to come.
We Offer Full Roofing Services As Well!



  • We use .032 heavy gauge primary aluminum (thickest that our machines can bend) or copper for your gutters.
  • We carefully match or blend colors to your fascia and siding.
  • Paint on your new aluminum gutters and downspouts has a limited Lifetime Warranty. If it fails, we replace it for free.
  • We install your gutter behind your roof’s drip edge flashing to protect against rain water seeping between the house and the gutter.
  • We use the strongest hidden gutter hanger brackets, never the long spike and ferrule tube. Our brackets use coarse threaded 1.5” galvanized screws and are closely spaced for greater holding power.
  • We water-test our gutter runs to make certain the rain water will properly drain to the downspouts.
  • Flip-up hinges are always installed on our downspout extensions (unless you request otherwise) making yardwork easier.
  • We want you pleased with the results. If you have any concerns after our install, please give us a call.  WE WILL MAKE IT RIGHT.
Rain gutter installation in WI & MN

5 inch Or 6 inch Gutters… that is the question

Both K-style and half-round gutters are available in 5 or 6 inch widths.  While 5” is more common, with the current bigger rains, the 6” gutter provides the better home protection, especially for homes with larger roof areas, steeper pitches, and the need to move water around more corners or longer distances.  If your home has elaborate landscaping, or any of the above characteristics, we strongly recommend upgrading to the larger 6” gutters.  You will never regret it.


SnapLock is our optional premier gutter mounting method that strengthens your gutter install and eliminates potential leakage through the bracket screw holes. Utilizing a proprietary bracket which is crimped to the back of your gutter instead of the standard hidden brackets which are screwed through the back of your gutter, the SnapLock upgrade is also well suited for longer gutter runs which expand and contract in length with the weather. 

SnapLock is optional for new gutters with or without LeafLock covers. Paired with LeafLock gutter covers, your new gutter system will perform and look great as long as you own your home!


Rather than install lightweight DIY rain gutters by yourself, trust the Bruce Andrews Seamless Gutters & Roofing team of installers to get the job done correctly and efficiently. With proper seamless rain gutter installation, you can have peace of mind knowing your business/home, foundation, and landscaping are protected for the long haul. Our team will…

  • Take down your old gutters and recycle them properly
  • Confirm your building’s measurements to assure your new gutters fit perfectly
  • Use state-of-the-art roll-form bending equipment to create your gutters on site
  • Install your new gutter with precision and care
  • Water-test the gutter’s pitch to make certain the water flows to downspouts
  • Clean up all related debris
  • Respect your property and YOU in the process

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