Another Satisfied Customer!

We are always pleased to hear that our customers are completely satisfied with our work. Whether installing seamless gutters, Leaflock Gutter Protection Systems, or PolarBlox snow guards; we strive to provide the best service around. See a letter below that one of our customers recently sent us.

To: The folks at Bruce Andrews Seamless Gutters……

This letter is to thank all of you for the fine job you did installing the gutters and snow dams on my house and shed roofs! On my shed, the over head door was located on the side of the building, and every time it snowed, I had to deal with breaking up and shoveling away the pile of snow that cascaded off the shed roof. I had to do this before I could put my vehicle in the shed each time it snowed while I was at work. (Not to mention that whenever it rained, I got wet because of no gutters!)

On my house, the snow would come sliding off the roof, and leave a big pile of snow and ice to deal with. And the falling snow and ice damaged my porch decking to the point it all had to be replaced.

I contacted the folks at Bruce Andrews Seamless Gutters, and they were prompt about getting back to me. The gentlemen who came to talk to me were polite, and very courteous. They helped me figure out just what was needed to take care of my problem. Then we set up a date, and in one day, they got both roofs guttered and snow dammed. They also did a very good job of clean up when they were done.

If you want to ask, just call me, and I’ll be glad to tell you, or show you, what they did. I’m very happy with the help they gave me, solving this problem. I would highly recommend Bruce Andrews Seamless Gutters to anyone considering putting up gutters and snow dams on their house or shed.

Eileen Petaja