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What Ice Dams are and How You Can Keep them from Damaging Your Home

Cleaning your gutters is probably one of the household chores that you dread doing, especially during the autumn and winter seasons. It is important to keep your gutters clean, because if you don’t, you might end compromising the structural integrity of your home and face expensive repair costs. While there are some gutter maintenance and repair tasks that you can do on your own, you should consider hiring the services of a gutter repair company to make sure that your gutters are in good hands.  

Not cleaning your gutters regularly can lead to different sorts of problems. Pests and animals such as mosquitoes, squirrels, and mice may build nests on your gutters. Clogged gutters may cause cracks or holes, creating an entrance for such pests to find their way inside your home. Water leaks caused by damaged gutters may result in moisture formation in cracks, creating the perfect environment for mold, mildew, and bacteria-causing allergies and illnesses. Another problem that you might face if you ignore cleaning your gutters, especially during winter months is the formation of ice dams.

What are Ice Dams?

Ice dams are the ridges or mounds of ice that form along the edge of your roofline, usually after heavy snowfall. An ice dam forms when some of the snow on your roof melts into water, but instead of draining from the gutter, the water freezes into ice. The water refreezes when it settles on the part of the roof that isn’t warmed by your attic or ceiling. The ice dam traps meltwater, causing it to seep into the shingles and make its way inside your home.

How Can You Prevent Ice Dams?

You can keep ice dams from damaging your home by winterizing it. You can:

  • Clean your gutters from leaves and debris before winter arrives.
  • Keep your attic, eaves, and roof well-ventilated.
  • Increase attic floor insulation to prevent warm air from rising up on the roof.
  • Rake off or remove snow before it freezes.
  • Install heat cables on spots where ice dams are likely to form.

What Can You Do If Your Roof Has Ice Dams?

You can tell that your roof has ice dams if you see icicles hanging from the gutters. Ice dams can be removed by using a rake roof or by applying calcium chloride or an ice melt product to the ice. However, if the ice dam build up is too thick and heavy, you should immediately call a professional contractor to get rid of the ice dam.

Facing Gutter Damage Due to Ice Dams?

Cracked ceilings and walls, peeling paint, stained carpets, and warped floor boards are just some of the damage that ice dams cause. Other less visible effects of ice dam damage include drenched insulation and mold problems. When they become too heavy, ice dams can also rip off your gutters and damage your roof. If you encounter any of these problems, you can turn to our team of professionals at Bruce Andrews Seamless Gutters, LLC to provide you with gutter repair and replacement services.

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