Forget Gutter Cleaning…Forever! ™

Seamless Gutters is the Authorized Professional Dealer for “The LeafLock Gutter Protection System™“.

LeafLock™ helps protect your home against water damage all year long and in all weather conditions. With it’s exclusive patented hanger and bracket system, multi-patented design, low profile and the industry’s most comprehensive warranty makes LeafLock™ the best solution for gutter protection. Leaflock™ is designed for heavy snow and ice loads for the mid-west.

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Seamless Gutters and Gutter Protection

Protect Your Home for a Lifetime: LeafLock Gutter Protection Systems

As a top seamless gutter contractor in the Wisconsin area, Bruce Andrews Seamless Gutters also offers metal gutter protection systems that help prolong the lifespan of your new gutters.

Leaves, dirt, mulch, and other debris tend to accumulate in gutters. These weigh the gutters down and can cause them to collapse.

We are trained to install the best-selling LeafLock Gutter Protection System™. With this advanced gutter protection system, you don’t have to worry about debris accumulation that may potentially damage your home’s structural integrity. It also significantly cuts down the maintenance needed for your gutters.

Why LeafLock™?

LeafLock systems take the coveted “nose forward” gutter leaf protection design and enhance it with a few upgrades. We made it thicker, coated it with the best finish available in the home improvement industry, and combined it with the most heavy-duty self-supporting bracketing system there is. The product? A sturdy gutter protection system that keeps your gutters intact for many years down the road.

The Problem with Traditional Gutters

Rain gutters have seen very little change in the past century. They still require nails, screws, and spikes to be attached to homes – exactly as they did when Roosevelt was president.

This outdated gutter technology may be useful in the short-term. The bad news is, attaching traditional gutters means getting at least 70 holes punctured into your home. And when leaves and debris begin accumulating in your gutters, they stop serving their purpose, which leads to standing water – which in turn cause leaks. From leaks, mold, rot, and gutter separation may arise, which may ultimately lead to structural failure.

LeafLock to the Rescue

One of the best roof gutter protection systems available today, LeafLock’s patented extruded gutter hanger and bracket system (nose-forward design) causes dirt, leaves, pine needles, and other debris to fall to the ground. Without any obstructions, your gutter system can effectively channel water away from your home.

As we employ a no-holes installation process that creates a permanent water-tight seal, you don’t ever have to worry about buckling issues, water damage, or wood rot. What’s more, our LeafLock roof gutter leaf protection is hardworking: they keep your gutters efficient and clog-free for the lifetime of your home!

If it’s not SnapLock, It’s Not Permanent

Traditional rain gutters have changed little during the past 100 years. Today, their designs employ spikes, screws, or nails for attachment to your home, just as they did at the turn of the century when Teddy Roosevelt was President. The average house with gutters has 70+ holes punctured in the back wall of the gutter. Holes cause leaks! And while this outmoded gutter technology offers satisfactory benefits in the short-term, results over many seasons remain the same: Structural failure because of rot, mold and gutter separation.


There is nothing even close when comparing the patented LeafLock 1/8 in. extruded hanger and bracket that reinforces your existing gutters to make them stronger than ever before! The LeafLock panel can be installed under the second course or under the first course. With EITHER APPLICATION there is NO ROOF PENETRATION! The panels remain free floating, which eliminates all buckling issues. This system will work on any roof and is backed by a lifetime transferable warranty.


With the “LeafLock Gutter Protection System and SnapLock™” the gutters are free-floating; the LeafLock bracket floats on the hanger eliminating any buckling issues with the panel and both have a lifetime-of–the-home warranty. , And since the ROOF AND THE GUTTER ARE NOT PENETRATED, the gutter and the LeafLock panel can move independently creating a permanent water-tight seal eliminating wood rot or water damage unlike anything else on the market today. The LeafLock bracket guarantees a perfect nose-forward position every time guaranteeing proper performance for the life of the home. Once installed there is nothing stronger or more permanent on the market today!

When it comes to gutter protection systems, Bruce Andrews Seamless Gutters, LLC is the name to trust. Ask us about the LeafLock Gutter Protection System and SnapLock System. As LeafLock-trained installers, we can seamlessly fit your new gutter protection system over your full-sized gutters to prevent clogs that may cause costly damage to your home.

Talk to us about our durable, worry-free, and maintenance-free LeafLock gutter leaf protection system. Call us today!